Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Mean Tell No Tales – New Cast Member Announced As The Production Begins

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2 Responses

  1. Simon says:

    Can’t wait to see. I just hope Will Turner will come back.

  2. Komando says:

    That’s good news anyway. It means that we are going to see new Pirates miveos, and the most important to me, maybe new enhancements to the attractions and new versions of it in the new parks. Hope that the next Pirates movie spends more money on the plot and less on SFX. The last movie was not bad, but the plot is too fantastic and full of wholes. The best movie was the first, in my opinion because the plot is simpler, “more believable” and makes more sense for a pirates movie (cursed treasure). In contrast, the third one is more nonsense than Tim Burton’s Alice, and the worst in my point of view. Is it too much to ask for a plot in which the pirates plan to capture and loot a big Spanish galleon full of gold, that is travelling on the Caribbean on its way to Spain from the rich Central American colonies, or something like that? Or to ask for more realistic 17th century Pirate ships? Anyway hope that the franchise still have a long and successful life!

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